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Téthys Naval.

Téthys Naval stands for #BLUSecurity, the new standard of maritime security governance and the rule of law in private maritime security.

We contribute to the smooth running of your business operations – with appropriate, efficient and reliable private maritime security concepts to the benefit of people, property and other intangibles at sea.

Your added value from our service is an enhanced security architecture for your activities in confined and remote maritime environments, developed and implemented according to criteria of the rule of law and latest standards of best management practice.

In our area of discipline, we are committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and adhere to our Pledge for a safe and sustainable future.


#BLUSecurity enhancing #BLUInvest and #BLUEconomy

Education and Training.

No educated security plan can be effectful without effective education and training.

Complementary to the consultancy services and security concepts, Téthys Naval is your partner when it comes to putting the developed security plans pertaining Projects, Assets or Procedures into practice and play.

We deliver tailor-made education and training modules for your key personnel to protect the safety, security and integrity of people, property and other intangibles at sea.