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Central Services Offices

The Central Services Office is the elementary foundation for conducting all other activities of Téthys Naval. It combines four divisions with general relevance: the Central Affairs Division, the Communication Division, the Financial Services Division, and the Legal Division.

The Central Affairs Division is the centralised support and administration unit. It has two branches, Accounting and Personal Management with subordinated bureaus for travel affairs, Career Development and Recruitment.

The Communication Division concentrates two branches for internal tech support and external communication. The Public Affairs Branch with its subordinate bureaus for Marketing and Partnership and for Media and Press Liaison delivers the external affairs whilst the Information Systems and Technology Branch with the IT Access bureau and the Digitalised Workspace Bureau are supporting the experts, specialist and professionals and all other staff members with their smart connections.

The Financial Services Division is managing financial, budgeting, investment and insurance matters through a Finance Branch and an Insurance Branch. The Legal Division isproviding legal supports in all relevant aspects of commercial, corporate, business, employment, and operational matters. It is divided into an Operational Law Branch and a Corporate Law Branch.