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The voice of a cruise operator: well-being at sea

Embracing the principles of SDG 8 is not just a moral obligation.
It is the essence of responsible and sustainable ocean business.

A cruise operator manages ships and a ship is a unique work space that demands special attention to work condition. A decent working conditions is not just an ethical imperative. It is a strategic necessity of SDG 8 to integrate well-being at sea into all stages of cruise sector. In our understanding of the industry that SDG 8 aligns with the core essence of fostering a work environment that prioritizes the well-being, safety, and security of our maritime staff and crew.

The relevance of sustainable and resilient work conditions in seven core domains:

Well-being at Sea: Recognizing the integral role our crew plays in the success of ocean business. Therefore we prioritize their well-being, safety, and personal security. This commitment extends from fair wages to access to medical and recreation facilities. And we believe in the benefit of enhanced resilience and confidence. We integrate comfort management to achieve well-being at sea for crew and guests.

Safe and Secure Operations: We invest heavily in comprehensive safety training, stringent security awareness and risk mitigation. So we provide state-of-the-art education and training to ensure that our crew works in an environment that minimizes risks, enhances awareness, and fosters confidence.

Inclusive Employment Practices: We embrace diversity and inclusivity. It is paramount to integrate the same legal standards at sea as on land. We are committed to providing equal opportunities, fair treatment, and a workplace free from discrimination, fear and discomfort. This dedication not only adheres to SDG 8 but also contributes to a vibrant and harmonious work culture.

Fair Compensation: Our commitment to SDG 8 does not stop at wages. Because we ensure that our crew receives fair compensation for their hard work and dedication. This extends to transparent payment structures and opportunities for career advancement.

Training and Capability Development: We invest in education and training programs. And we empower our crew and staff with the knowledge and capabilities needed to navigate the challenges of maritime tourism at sea. Because we want to foster personal and professional growth.

Safety Protocols: It is evident that our understanding of safety of our crew and their well-being at sea goes hand in hand with SDG 8. So we adhere to rigorous health protocols and regular medical check-ups. The proactive approach to preventing occupational hazards is an integral components of our commitment to providing decent working conditions.

Environmental Responsibility: Our dedication to SDG 8 extends beyond the well-being at sea to the sustainability of the environment. And we strive for eco-friendly practices and responsible waste management, contributing to a healthier planet for current and future generations.

Embracing the principles of SDG 8 is not just a moral obligation. It is the essence of responsible and sustainable ocean business. By prioritizing decent working conditions, we not only align with global development goals but also ensure the success and resilience of our cruise operations in a rapidly evolving maritime landscape.

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